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International Festival for Young Filmlovers

At LUCAS – International Festival for Young Filmlovers (18th-25th September 2016) everything in this year’s 39th edition is new. Germany’s oldest film festival dedicated to at the young audiences, organised by Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt am Main, is renewing itself completely, even in its name; LUCAS – International Festival for Young Filmlovers will be aiming at a significantly broader audience, from 4 to 18 years of age, offering a coordinated film programme in three sections.

goEast 2017

Since 2001 the goEast Film Festival shows the variety of Central and Eastern European film productions in Wiesbaden. An independent international Jury decides about who gets the four major prizes.

National and International Projects of Deutsches Filminstitut


filmportal.de is the foremost source of extensive and reliable information on all German feature films, ranging from the early days of cinema till today. The web portal offers its users information about the lastest film starts, Trailers, DVDs, Texts as well as the latest news from the film sector.

The European Film Gateway gives access to digital collections of 16 European film archives and cinémathèques. Users can find and view thousands of photos, texts and films from the archives via the EFG portal.

The annual School Cinema Weeks (SchulKinoWochen) are carried out nationally. Targeted at school children and teachers, the programme offers a broad variety of films, special events and extra-curricular training.

filmarchives-online.eu allows the search through selected catalogue data of 18 European film archives. Users can research mainly non-fiction films via this portal.

This project has developed two metadata standards for cinematographic works, which help to simplify the exchange of filmographic data and to reference individual film works unambiguously.


FORWARD is a three-year EU funded project (2013-2016) aiming at creating a EU wide, automated system to assess the rights’ status for all types of audiovisual works, including orphans.

ABCinemaThe project aims to stimulate the curiosity of the next generation of moviegoers about film as an art form and as a significant part of our cultural heritage. At the same time the foundations should be laid for future cooperation and a best-practice exchange between the institutions achieved. All the partners have been successfully and innovatively working with various target groups in the field of film education for years. More

ABCinema-Workshop (PDF)

NemosineNEMOSINE will set new standards for the conservation of endangered cultural heritage by developing innovative smart package solutions to prevent the decomposition of films, photos and audio material based on cellulose derivatives. These packages will integrate active acid adsorbers and gas detection sensors to monitor acid, oxygen and nitric oxide. Main goal of the project is to save energy costs and extend the conservation time.  NEMOSINE is funded by Horizon2020 and will run for 4 years.

Website: www.nemosineproject.eu

FLICK - Film Literacy InCubator Klub
FLICK - Film Literacy InCubator KlubAim of the project is to build up a platform where different types of stakeholders actively involved in film literacy will work jointly to raise awareness about the importance of film education, explore the potential of digital resources and tools in this field, and increase the outreach and impact of activities linking European film heritage and education. More

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