Friends and sponsors

Supporting film culture: Friends and Sponsors

About 250 lovers of film and culture are members of the association freunde des deutschen filminstituts / deutschen filmmuseums e.V.  Their annual contributions enable selected purchases of exhibit items and archival material and sponsored film series of greater expense, due to high film rental costs or travel and hotel expenses for special guests. In 2012, they contributed to making the ambitious Carte Blanche series with renowned film and television director Dominik Graf possible. The friends are actively involved in what takes place in the Filmmuseum. They visit the exhibitions together – often before the official opening – meet at their regular tables at the filmcafé, take tours of the archive, carry out voluntary work at special events, put on request screenings of films in the cinema and organise trips to film-related destinations.


The sponsors circle, too, provides financial support for the Deutsches Filmmuseum and engages itself in the transmission of film culture. The association, founded by Prof. Hilmar Hoffmann, helps the Filmmuseum to continue tackling ambitious new projects and has so far attracted a membership of 70 personalities well-known in the cultural, economic and social worlds, including Mario Adorf, Hannelore Elsner, Arthur Cohn, Dr. Nikolaus Hensel, Anne-Marie Steigenberger and Frieder Burda.

During the the construction work carried out at the museum in 2010 and 2011, the sponsors circle was particularly involved in equipping the film studio as well as in the technically elaborate workshop rooms for museum education. The sponsors circle also supports the daily work of the museum by financing the restoration of selected display items, as well as the acquisition of new archival holdings.


The Deutsches Filminstitut thanks both circles of its supporters for their extraordinary, constantly committed engagement. For further information please contact: 069-961 220 225, freunde@deutsches-filminstitut.de or foerderer@deutsches-filminstitut.de.

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