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Temporary Exhibitions

Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory

Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory

in the Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt
September 14, 2017 to January 28, 2018

It’s going to get creative, crazy, loud, flashy, funny and completely different at the Deutsches Filmmuseum. Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory will transform the museum into an interactive film set. In the Home Movie Factory, it’s all about team spirit. There is no entry fee and groups of five to twelve people will have the opportunity to shoot their own film in under three hours.

With his project, Oscar®-winning French director Michel Gondry has inspired people worldwide to use their imagination to produce their own films. Now, this project is coming to Germany for the first time ever.

Following a detailed protocol, the groups—whose members often meet for the first time on location—go through every stage of the Home Movie Factory together. They pick the genre and title of their film, come up with a story, are in charge of the casting process, and direct the actual shot. The final stage is a small cinema, in which the groups get the chance to watch their own film together before it is added to the ever growing archive of the Home Movie Factory.

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Ausstellung Stanley Kubrick

In an area of about 1,200 square metres the exhibition shows primary material from the Kubrick Archives: iconographic items from all of his films, costumes, special effects documentation, camera equipment and extensive working and research documents.

Upcoming Presentation

Art Club GL Strand
September 23, 2017 until January 14, 2018

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