Guided Tours

Our museum’s educational department offers guided tours through the permanent and special exhibitions to all visitors, teaching professionals, children and youth, parents and other interested parties.

Explore in the company of the Deutsches Filmmuseum staff. We will deepen your knowledge of the medium, explain our focal points, clarify context for you and give you fascinating background information about our exhibits. Tours of the permanent exhibition with particular thematic emphases may also be booked – those interested may also combine their tour with a workshop visit and put what they have learned into practice in our small film studio.

Our permanent exhibition makes it possible to experience film in a large variety of ways and provides access to the medium, its history and the means by which it achieves its effects in both an emotional and an informative sense. Our tours deepen your knowledge, provide you with fascinating background information and reveal contexts.


Registration is a requirement for guided tours.

For further information please contact
Daniela Dietrich Tel.: +49 (0)69 961 220 – 223

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