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Stills archive, Wiesbaden

The collection of the stills archive comprises approximately 2.3 million photographs and slides relating to both national and international film productions. Along with photographs from the early years – classics like Robert Wiene’s THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (G 1920) and Sergei M. Eisenstein’s BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (USSR 1925) – visual material from current films is also held.

The archival holdings are constantly being updated: advertising and press photos from the latest German and foreign productions are taken into the collection as the films are released, since the year 2000 mainly in digital form.

Included in the archival holdings are hand-coloured lobby cards, portraits, stills and production stills beginning in the silent era. The comprehensive collection of portraits and movie star postcards in the stills archive goes back as far as the 1910s and contains many items which are dedicated or autographed. Particularly valuable are the „forbidden“ pictures, those that were prohibited for publication by the censorship authorities in the Weimar Republic.

In the special collections one may also find visual material relating to the shooting and technical aspects of film, to studios, costumes, cinemas and film advertising. The films from the National Socialist period are documented with especial thoroughness, although this material is available exclusively for scholarly purposes. Almost complete collections of photos from the American films shown in Germany after 1945 are held, making the stills archive one of the premier addresses of use to museums, publishing houses, television stations, magazines and newspapers. As well as indexing the photos for access, the archive takes care of their preservation. The demands of storage for preservation are met with acid-free materials and housing in the facilities‘ own cooled chambers, ensuring the continued existence of these valuable archival holdings.

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