Equipment Archive

More than 2,800 objects in the equipment archive document the technical history of film and its antecedents: from the 18th-century magic lantern through the silent film cameras of cinema’s early years to complete production outputs of projector manufacturers.

Over an area of more than 600 square metres the collection archives selected and typical objects from all technical fields of significance in the production and exhibition of a film and shows their historical development. This includes cameras and their accessories, dollies, lighting and sound-recording equipment, special effects installations, film copiers, editing tables and projectors – in short, everything technical related to film in the pre-digital era.

The amateur field is represented as well as its professional film-technical counterpart. Within the collection, a significant emphasis is placed on the pre-history of film: rare magic lanterns, mutoscopes and zoetropes belong to this area. The oldest piece of equipment in the collection is a magic lantern from the 17th century; the oldest film camera is a Lumière Cinématographe, dating from 1897. It may be seen in the Filmmuseum’s permanent exhibition. Items of technical documentation, such as instruction and assembly manuals, advertising flyers, lists of spare parts and manufacturers‘ catalogues, are retained in the collection along with the equipment.


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